SDX Services

Currently, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) only sell dedicated connections to end users with a minimum lockdown period of one year. Once the connection is purchased, the ISP then has to build a dedicated port, then activate the line to the customer location. This setup time would take at least two months (even more for international / regional customers). Furthermore, ISP customers have to buy the dedicated connection based on periods of their highest bandwidth usage as adjusting bandwidth up or down quickly is out of the question. Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), on the other hand, sell with a pay-as-you-use model but they only sell to end customers with requirements of 1Gbps bandwidth or more. To purchase lower dedicated bandwidths from CSPs, end customers will have to buy through authorized resellers of the CSPs. Whether the customer purchases a 1Gbps line or lower, the ISP and CSP connections have to be synched predominantly by data centre players such as EQUINIX, configuration process that will take weeks to months to complete. Signing up for multiple CSPs and a single ISP connection is even more cumbersome, that is time, money and resource consuming.

SDX will automate and simplify the entire process to a few clicks on a web console, allow end customers to buy what they need, when they need thus saving cost and eliminating the long setup and configuration time from weeks and months to hours and minutes.

Features of SDX