Google Cloud VMware Engine Launch Webinar

Build, Modernize, and Scale your Business with Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE)

On January 14, 2021 11:00 AM (GMT+8), InfoFabrica had a joint collaboration with Google, VMware, NCS Group and NTT Ltd. for the Google Cloud VMware Engine Launch Webinar.

The session began with a welcome address and opening by Google Cloud’s CEO, Thomas Kurin, followed by Palvinder Chahil who is their Sales Director for Singapore and Malaysia.

“Customers want to bring the expertise that they have with people’s understanding of the familiar VMware software stack, monitoring and security tools, into the Public Cloud. It helps them get business value because it eliminates the need for them to manage infrastructure and lets them focus on building new solutions for their customers.” — Thomas Kurin

David Bate, VMware’s Vice President of Cloud, Asia-Pacific and Japan, continued with a co-opening address and mentioned, “By moving apps into a cloud-hosted vSphere environment, our customers are able to take advantage of the elasticity of the cloud to respond to changes in demand while leveraging the same skillsets and tooling they are already familiar with on-premise.”

Before Matty Courtney, VMware Engine CE Specialist of Google Cloud, introduced GCVE, he aptly began with a quote by VMware’s Chief Operating Officer, Sanjay Poonen who said, “With VMware on Google Cloud Platform, customers will be able to leverage all of the familiarity and investment protection of VMware tools and training as they execute on their cloud strategies, and rapidly bring new services to marketing and operate them seamlessly and more securely across a hybrid cloud environment.”

InfoFabrica’s Felix Ricky Harjadi (bottom right of image below), Chief Technology Officer, was part of the Panel Discussion. One of the most relevant topics in today’s context that was discussed was how to enable a company’s workforce to support transformation.

To learn how to effectively Build, Modernise, and Scale your Business with Google Cloud VMware Engine, watch the on-demand session via

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