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Building Next-Gen Resilient System on Google Cloud at scale.

About Aero Systems Indonesia

ASYST provides advanced IT solutions for transportation, travel and related industries. Asyst systems have been proven to give clients and users a key edge over their industry competitors, by setting benchmarks in every area of the transportation and travel business and cultivating cutting-edge products and applications.

Industry: Aerospace
Location: Indonesia

ASYST successfully improved agility and reduce dependency with Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud results

Achieve cost-efficiency of nearly 50% compared to the on-premise infrastructure

Scalable and future ready systems

Ensure committed 99.9% uptime SLA to users


Delivers reliable infrastructure with seamless fleet of modern applications running across Kubernetes clusters.

Business Challenges

ASYST required a trusted cloud partner who could directly engage with them to plan and perform a systems upgrade process which involves the work of implementing and migrating on-premise service systems and applications to Cloud. After zoning in on Google Cloud as their preferred public cloud provider, they were looking for a GCP Partner to help them deploy their IT Infrastructure on GCP.

For years, Asyst had maintained its own servers and network, but was feeling increasingly limited by its infrastructure. It was difficult to scale, and time-consuming and expensive to maintain. They wanted more flexibility, as well as to improve speed, reliability and security. To minimize service disruption, they hoped to conduct the on-premise to cloud migration as efficiently as possible. 

Asyst needed fast response services that can support their operations and security of workloads that run on the platform. Another requirement was robust scalability for them to adapt to the demand of fluctuating number of users so as to provide a seamless experience when accessing their services.

The Solution

InfoFabrica implemented up-to-date practices with the best equipment and architecture that was needed to achieve efficiency, resilience and scalability and migrated nearly 100 workloads on more than 100 containers. ASYST will be able to leverage Google Cloud BigQuery services, which are designed to make data more productive, agile, elastic and compatible.

With careful consideration and planning in carrying out the implementation and migration process, InfoFabrica migrated nearly 100 workloads on more than 100 containers. With Google Cloud Platform, Asyst has been able to make data available in real time, running complex data analysis queries in seconds, and scaling seamlessly while taking advantage of on-demand pricing.

InfoFabrica rolled out the service of providing 24×7 maintenance and unlimited managed services support for infrastructure monitoring, configuration of backups, creating persistent volumes and mapping to application deployments, and making configuration changes needed to enhance the microservices integration platform system.

Direct Results

The benefits associated with the next-gen of implemented services, such as compute service elasticity, stable uptime of up to 1000ms, BigQuery edge analytical capabilities, as well as a seamless fleet of modern applications running across Kubernetes clusters, has allowed ASYST to achieve cost-efficiency of nearly 50% compared to the on-premise infrastructure. 

Implementation and migration process was done efficiently within the scope of work. Time taken to set up, configure, and implement new services has been reduced from a few months to just a few weeks. ASYST’s system is now scalable and ready for the future. InfoFabrica helped ASYST to achieve an accelerated time-to-market on deploying initiatives.

InfoFabrica’s Managed Services team continues to help ASYST ensure the committed 99.9% uptime SLA to the users through the help of a proven and fast response support team. Apart from managing costs, Asyst was able to focus on accelerating growth and remove the heavy lifting of supporting their underlying IT infrastructures.

GCP is the best solution for Asyst in deliver the solution to the customer. It is easy and fast in setting up, flexible on scale up or down, and excellent support is another plus

Dipo Tjahjono
Manager Release Management & Testing

Mutual Benefits with InfoFabrica

ASYST finally decided to deploy on Google Cloud and chose InfoFabrica as their exclusive partner to help integrate their systems to Google Cloud for a more reliable and scalable next-gen cloud environment. 

ASYST is currently using Google Cloud products such as next-gen services of the compute engines, edge analytical capability of BigQuery, and also the seamless modernized application fleet run on different Kubernetes cluster. With the help of IT consulting firm InfoFabrica, ASYST went through a smooth proof-of-concept process and ran a successful pilot test of the workload to be run on cloud, leading the company to decide on Google Cloud, ultimately chosen because of its ability to fulfill requirements directly with quantifiable and workable solutions.

About InfoFabrica Pte Ltd.

InfoFabrica formerly known as Fast Lane Consulting was established in 2013. Over the years, it has grown to become a leading IT consulting organisation specialising in cloud, virtualisation, data storage and protection technologies. InfoFabrica provides customers with IT expertise and solutions, ranging from infrastructure design and training, to consulting and managed services. As of December 2020, InfoFabrica has merged with Cloud Kinetics!

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