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How InfoFabrica Helps MTI to Implement Disaster-Recovery and Backup Solution on AWS Platform.

About Multi Terminal Indonesia

PT Multi Terminal Indonesia (MTI) also known as IPC Logistic, is a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (IPC), which was established on February 15, 2002 with 99% of shares owned by IPC. MTI has focused on the logistics business and currently has 3 business units, Terminal Multipurpose, Terminal Petikemas, and Logistics. Currently, MTI operates several branch offices and operations that are scattered in almost all regions of Indonesia so that it requires a reliable IT Infrastructure to support business management in MTI. Data Recovery (DR) is the main concern of MTI to continually run its business processes well and to support the Data Center that is currently owned in its on-premise.

The services provided by MTI include, Freight Forwarding (Domestic & International), Customs Clearance, Cargo Transportations, Warehousing & Distribution, Unloading Services at Pasoso Railway Station, and Halal Logistic & Cold Storage. MTI has a vision of “Being a trusted national logistics company”, it is very important to keep the trust that has been given by MTI customers.

MTI periodically improves the quality of human resources as the main driver in running the company’s organization. This company has established its resources management policies within the framework of supporting Human Resources management strategies.

Business Challenge

Cost efficiency and no CapEx investment were the main things considered by MTI because they do not want to add another overhead into their already-busy daily IT operations.

AWS Cloud Benefits

99% backup success rate

Reduce troubleshooting time by 70%

Reduce operational overhead cost.

Automation Integration

Perform automatic failover to standby database instances.

Complete Backup Visibility

Complete backup visibility at a glance, monitoring all backup operations from a single view


No upfront investment in storage backup,
with 99% backup success rate

The Challenges

Even though MTI has already owned Data Center on-premise, it does not mean that the transaction processes in business will always run smoothly and safely. Maintenance and monitoring of infrastructure in the Data Center has always been a concern. Competent resources in this matter are usually forgotten by the company. The DR is needed to become a second Data Center that will be used if something happens with the main Data Center. Every process transaction can still be carried out by swing- over the network flow to DR during the recovery process at the main Data Center. In addition, if there must be a re-check that occurs in the Database a Backup Storage will be available, in this case using S3 Bucket, for the transactions that have been running on the previous day.

As MTI was growing its business, MTI recognized that it had grown to the point where it needed a trusted cloud consulting partner to help deploy new IT infrastructure. To help solve this problem, it turned to InfoFabrica, an Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN).


Many companies still survive using only single Data Center to run their business. However, as data security is becoming a concern nowadays, ranging from natural disaster, such as floods or earthquakes, fires, or network down connections, a second Data Center is needed to avoid data loss. Nevertheless, the large budgeting costs for investment to build DR as a second Data Center need to be included as a consideration for the company.

MTI realizes as a logistics company which continues to grow its business, it must require stability of its IT Infrastructure. To keep abreast of current technological developments (transformation from CapEx to OpEx business model) MTI chooses to build its business on AWS Platform. For MTI, AWS is a successful technology innovation, and its flexibility would empower MTI to speed up MTI’s own innovation.

We have peace of mind knowing that our data is protected by InfoFabrica Service on AWS Cloud

The Building Blocks to Becoming a Next-Generation MSP with AWS

InfoFabrica’s managed platform consists of 24-hour enterprise monitoring services backed by a team of certified and experience cloud support engineers, allowing it to perform full managed services with committed SLA for its customers. InfoFabrica Managed Services provides expert post-go live support for the entire IT ecosystem. Its flexible model gives its customers the freedom to choose the level of support they need, whether it might be just a few business hours, or round-the-clock managed services.

“Clients want to focus on delivering value to their customers, without being bogged down with non-core functions. As the pace of innovation — and customer demand — for innovative products accelerates, they can look forward to leveraging the combined technical expertise of AWS and InfoFabrica to shorten time to market,” says Mr Li Wen Chi , CEO at InfoFabrica.

Building on the success of its hybrid cloud and data storage offerings throughout past years, InfoFabrica now works with clients both big and small, across a wide range of industry sectors. It has many different teams within the business that specialize in varied technology areas. It can tailor solutions to specifically meet its customer’s requirements and service-level agreements. InfoFabrica houses a 24-hour enterprise monitoring service for its customers, allowing it to provide full proactive and reactive support and managed services engagements.


Security and Access Management

Data security is a primary concern for organizations who handle sensitive data and operate across multiple jurisdictions with differing data regulations. To ensure data security, InfoFabrica provides a number of services including data encryption, anti-virus protection, as well as intrusion detection and prevention systems. These can be tailored to the requirements of its clients and any data regulations it needs to comply with. With its managed services, InfoFabrica maintains the security posture of its clients, and can quickly recognize and respond to data breaches or intrusions.


Storage Backup Management

With a 99 percent backup success rate, InfoFabrica also helps to manage the storage and backups of its clients’ data. By helping its customers take their data storage to the cloud, InfoFabrica removes the need to invest upfront in storage backups solutions across the different locations its customers may operate in. InfoFabrica Managed Services helps its customers to consolidate and monitor all its backup operations from a single view, optimizing control and reducing the need for troubleshooting. Furthermore, using built-in cloud connectors, backups for on-premise data can be made on the cloud without disruption to its customers’ daily operations.


Performance and Diagnostic Services

InfoFabrica conducts period architecture reviews and proactive monitoring of its customers’ infrastructure to ensure that its operations are robust and secure. By leveraging the right tools, InfoFabrica Managed Services systematically monitors the health of its customer’s IT infrastructure resources. This ensures that its customers’ IT resources are up-and-running, without the need for manual intervention.

How InfoFabrica is Supporting PT Multi Terminal Indonesia to Manage its Data Center

PT Multi Terminal Indonesia (MTI) is a subsidiary logistics firm of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II, a state-owned company under Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade. It offers services including freight forwarding, customs clearance, cargo import and export, as well as warehousing and distribution. Currently, MTI has a presence in five cities across Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Pontianak, and Jambi.

As MTI was growing its business, it realized that a reliable IT infrastructure was necessary to support its business operations across the five cities. Primarily, it needed a trusted managed services partner to ensure that its on-premise data center was operating smoothly, and could effectively recover from potential disasters—such as system failures, network issues, and natural disasters. This is especially important as MTI works with sensitive, government-linked data, which needed to be stored in servers based in Indonesia, as stipulated by the government.

In 2017, MTI engaged InfoFabrica to implement a backup and disaster recovery solution for its on-premise data center, and effectively manage the operation of the data center. As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, InfoFabrica proposed and facilitated a migration to the cloud, which proved to be a smooth and cost-effective process. “AWS was a key cloud technology provider in Indonesia. Given our presence across the country, its solutions afforded us the flexibility we needed to create a robust and secure data center operation,” says Asep Supriyadi, Head of Information Systems, PT Multi Terminal Indonesia.

MTI used Oracle E-business Suite (EBS) on-premise for its financial and human capital management operations. As a first step, InfoFabrica helped to migrate the Oracle EBS on AWS, and used Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for storing backups. In addition, Amazon S3 helped to achieve high data availability—which now stands at 99 percent—allowing MTI’s teams to access the previous day’s transaction data, in real-time.

Secondly, in compliance with the company’s IT governance strategy, InfoFabrica developed a disaster recovery system for MTI using CloudEndure Disaster Recovery (CEDR). This solution acts as a second data center, to be used should the main data center encounter any issues. By developing a cloud-based disaster recovery solution, MTI can now resume IT operations and restore data within 15 minutes, should there be any IT failures. This would have taken up to two days with the on-premise infrastructure. Furthermore, using CEDR, MTI saves up to 25% percent in cost, which it would have otherwise incurred by co-locating to another data center.

Supriyadi adds, “At the time, we were experiencing a number of challenges with our on-premise data center, including poor internet connectivity. This would sometimes result in data loss, disrupting our IT operations for days. With InfoFabrica Managed Services, and our new cloud-based infrastructure, we no longer have to worry about such disaster incidences—small or large—or compromises to our IT operations.”

InfoFabrica Managed services brings its cloud services expertise to the MTI team with a 24 x 7 service desk available to resolve and respond to disaster instances at any time. This helps to mitigate the impact of data loss, and subsequently, any disruptions to business operations. Furthermore, implementing and managing a cloud-based solution led to massive cost savings of up to 25% percent annually for MTI. Over the last three years, InfoFabrica has been supporting MTI’s IT operations and managing its data center, allowing MTI to focus on its core business.

About InfoFabrica

InfoFabrica formerly known as Fast Lane Consulting was established in 2013. Over the past six years, it has grown to become a leading IT consulting organisation specialising in cloud, virtualisation, data storage and protection technologies. InfoFabrica provides customers with IT expertise and solutions, ranging from infrastructure design and training, to consulting and managed services.

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